Getting ready for Christmas….

Yes, it is this time of the year again 🙂

Hoop art embroidery Christmas tree and snow 2

This is what I made for my Etsy shop, a cute minimalist Christmas tree in red and golden.  This time, it is hand embroidered in a 6 inches wooden hoop.

Hoop art embroidery Christmas tree and snow 4


Little village for nursery art

Village embroidery hoop art Etsy 3



For my last piece, I worked with felt on a little village scene.  Ok, the truth is, I wanted to make a teepee artwork but while working on its design, I ended up finding it pretty cute for some bunting and …. bye bye teepee….  🙂 I will try again another time 🙂

So, here it is, my little village with bunting, trees and colourful houses 🙂
Village embroidery hoop art Etsy 1

It is a bit different from what I am usually doing, but I always like to work with felt from time to time. The stitching is even more peaceful and I find it lovely for little nursery artworks. Village embroidery hoop art Etsy

Last creation

My last nursery wall art.

A little sheep, dreaming from the top of the hill 🙂
Hand embroidered but also some free hand embroidery and basic stitches.
On a home dyed cotton with light blue watercolour.

Hope you like it!

All wrong / All right

All wrong / All right

This moment when after a silly morning of unsuccessful crafting, after messing up every little and big projects I started. This moment when I am ready to give up everything and feel like the biggest failure/joke/imposture on earth. This moment when suddenly, in a last effort (I don’t like giving up….) appears a little something, a tiny sparkle of hope and hey, well, maybe it doest look too bad. Wait! It looks great! I love it! I am so happy right now I can’t stop smiling!!

Ok, I will spare you the pictures of the messed up attempts but here’s one of the project who put a smile again inside me 🙂

Happy Friday every one!

And dream of ship

And dream of ship

No, no sheep on this post but once again, who knows what my little sailor is dreaming of ? Might be of ship, of his far-away lover or maybe of the sheep back in his green country ?
Whatever it is, it is a well kept happy secret.

Have a lovely week- end every one!