Cottage in the snow : a winter scene

5 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art

Inspired by the cold which finally reached us today… Brrrrr..

My daughter can’t wait for snow but I am definitely not as enthusiastic.. 🙂

This is an original drawing, oil pastels on extra this cardboard. Can be frame or handed as such on the wall.  21x15cm or 5.9×8.2 inches big.

4 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art 3 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art


Getting ready for Christmas….

Yes, it is this time of the year again 🙂

Hoop art embroidery Christmas tree and snow 2

This is what I made for my Etsy shop, a cute minimalist Christmas tree in red and golden.  This time, it is hand embroidered in a 6 inches wooden hoop.

Hoop art embroidery Christmas tree and snow 4

A bit of procrastination…. and oil pastels :)

Blonde girl wax pastels on cardboard 1

I should really go back to work right now. My LO is having a short nap and she will probably wake up ver soon… Once she is up, bye-bye sewing….
But well, I am really into a procrastination mode so I thought that instead of wandering aimlessly on internet I would share with you some pictures of my paintings with this thing I discovered a few years ago : oil pastels!

Girl and cloud wax pastel 3

Blonde girl wax pastels on cardboard

Detail cloud

Detail tree

Although I really like to draw, I am lacking formal training. Hence, I am more of a quick sketcher and my drawings have lots of imperfections but honestly? I like them just like that. But it also means that I have no idea how to paint with a paintbrush, with acrylic, oil paint, gouache….  So these oil pastels thingies looked very intriguing to me… And when I was looking at how easily my partner was using them to create beautiful paintings, with so much textures and such beautiful colours I really wanted to try!   Well, of course, my beginnings were quite disastrous  🙂  But I tried, again and again and slightly started to understand a few things about the process of working with oil pastels.

House on the hill
I am still far from mastering the thing, and it is not really what I aim to anyway.  For now, I am very happy making experiments with materials and techniques to create artworks that I like enough to display in my working room.
So here are a few drawings made with Caran D’Ache oil pastels. You will notice some of them have been made on extra thick cardboard (recycled from my parents ‘chickens organic food boxes!). The edges are a bit (sometimes a lot!) messy and waiting to be cut properly….

Girl and cloud wax pastel 2

On my embroidery hoop…..

My next project created with my vintage Singer. It is the first time I make a whole project with this sewing machine only!
New embroidery made with SingerI was a bit anxious but it ended up working really fine!
I am very happy with the result and if the Singer keeps working fine, I am gonna use this machine with the darning foot only and the Janome for the other sewing tasks.    🙂 Two sewing machines in my tiny sewing room, it is almost starting to look like a factory ,)

As for the hoop artwork, I really like its simplicity, the minimalist look of it. So, I will see if I end up adding more details or not.
New embroidery made with Singer 2

My first primitive angel doll

I love her and enjoyed so much creating it!!
I created my own pattern and just guessed and tried for making the different body parts and face details.  The best thing about it is that every step of the process of creating it is really enjoyable : designing, sewing, grunging, heating… The only part where I really struggled was the making of the dress. I know I will have to learn more about this process 🙂

Now, I am planning on finding a way to make a frame box to display it and have it in my sewing room.

I bet she is the first of a long series of primitive looking dolls (well, there’s already a black chicken just out of the oven and almost ready to join her!).

10390969_951581038191642_2560044815519165215_n 1016480_951581314858281_3043635160137219840_n

Framed embroidery

I have been looking at working on different framing for a while. Although I really like the round shape of the embroidery hoops, sometimes I can’t help feeling limited by it.  Some ideas work really better in a square or a rectangle shaped frame…

So I have already shared with you my first creation (the little house in the fields, see previous post) and here is my second one : “A windy day” and it is a diptych.  My first artistic love is definitely photography and I really enjoy the possibility to integrate a few ideas I love to work with as a photographer in my embroideries.

The girl has been machine embroidered (free motion drawing) and the piece of fabric is a dark blue Fairford Liberty fabric.

framed embroidery girl and liberty3And a close up

framed embroidery girl and liberty

Hope you like it 🙂

House, colours and frame

Hi there 🙂

I have been busy this last week working on my first custom order! I am really happy to have been picked up to create something special but I must admit it is also quite stressful lol 🙂 The pressure of making something really perfect is big  and I have been making, unmaking and remaking a lot!!! But still, it is a very great experience and I can’t wait to have a feedback from my customer!

In between two creations for my customer, I couldn’t help make something else, to relax a bit from the stress previously mentioned 🙂  I have focused on adding lots of colours and patterns and for the first time, I have framed my creation!
I really like how happy and colourful the artwork is (especially with the bad weather we are having in here at the moment..) and it looks really gorgeous in its white frame.

So here it is – and yes, it is another house! ,)

0 framed house embroidery Liberty tana

Happy week end every one 🙂

Doodle of my little girl..

She was looking at me sketching little blonde girls for ideas for a custom order…

“- Is it me?

– No, it’s E.

– Can you draw me?

– Yes, I can!
– Don’t forget the grey of my dress, Mama!! ”

So here we are 🙂 A very, very quick doodle of my girl in her grey dress!