A bit of procrastination…. and oil pastels :)

Blonde girl wax pastels on cardboard 1

I should really go back to work right now. My LO is having a short nap and she will probably wake up ver soon… Once she is up, bye-bye sewing….
But well, I am really into a procrastination mode so I thought that instead of wandering aimlessly on internet I would share with you some pictures of my paintings with this thing I discovered a few years ago : oil pastels!

Girl and cloud wax pastel 3

Blonde girl wax pastels on cardboard

Detail cloud

Detail tree

Although I really like to draw, I am lacking formal training. Hence, I am more of a quick sketcher and my drawings have lots of imperfections but honestly? I like them just like that. But it also means that I have no idea how to paint with a paintbrush, with acrylic, oil paint, gouache….  So these oil pastels thingies looked very intriguing to me… And when I was looking at how easily my partner was using them to create beautiful paintings, with so much textures and such beautiful colours I really wanted to try!   Well, of course, my beginnings were quite disastrous  🙂  But I tried, again and again and slightly started to understand a few things about the process of working with oil pastels.

House on the hill
I am still far from mastering the thing, and it is not really what I aim to anyway.  For now, I am very happy making experiments with materials and techniques to create artworks that I like enough to display in my working room.
So here are a few drawings made with Caran D’Ache oil pastels. You will notice some of them have been made on extra thick cardboard (recycled from my parents ‘chickens organic food boxes!). The edges are a bit (sometimes a lot!) messy and waiting to be cut properly….

Girl and cloud wax pastel 2


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