My first primitive angel doll

I love her and enjoyed so much creating it!!
I created my own pattern and just guessed and tried for making the different body parts and face details.  The best thing about it is that every step of the process of creating it is really enjoyable : designing, sewing, grunging, heating… The only part where I really struggled was the making of the dress. I know I will have to learn more about this process 🙂

Now, I am planning on finding a way to make a frame box to display it and have it in my sewing room.

I bet she is the first of a long series of primitive looking dolls (well, there’s already a black chicken just out of the oven and almost ready to join her!).

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Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

For someone who has always been told and taught to believe I couldn’t do anything with my fingers, well, I am happy to report that after years or not believing in my abilities and capacities, I am feeling much better 🙂

Ok, we are from perfection, but that’s not my goal right now.
I keep this for later 🙂