Meet Dorothea…

the last born of my primitive inspired dolls 🙂
Dorothea Dorothea2 Dorothea3


My first primitive angel doll

I love her and enjoyed so much creating it!!
I created my own pattern and just guessed and tried for making the different body parts and face details.  The best thing about it is that every step of the process of creating it is really enjoyable : designing, sewing, grunging, heating… The only part where I really struggled was the making of the dress. I know I will have to learn more about this process 🙂

Now, I am planning on finding a way to make a frame box to display it and have it in my sewing room.

I bet she is the first of a long series of primitive looking dolls (well, there’s already a black chicken just out of the oven and almost ready to join her!).

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Framed embroidery

I have been looking at working on different framing for a while. Although I really like the round shape of the embroidery hoops, sometimes I can’t help feeling limited by it.  Some ideas work really better in a square or a rectangle shaped frame…

So I have already shared with you my first creation (the little house in the fields, see previous post) and here is my second one : “A windy day” and it is a diptych.  My first artistic love is definitely photography and I really enjoy the possibility to integrate a few ideas I love to work with as a photographer in my embroideries.

The girl has been machine embroidered (free motion drawing) and the piece of fabric is a dark blue Fairford Liberty fabric.

framed embroidery girl and liberty3And a close up

framed embroidery girl and liberty

Hope you like it 🙂

Last creation

My last nursery wall art.

A little sheep, dreaming from the top of the hill 🙂
Hand embroidered but also some free hand embroidery and basic stitches.
On a home dyed cotton with light blue watercolour.

Hope you like it!

My new Princess

My new Princess

I finished it today.
Quite happy with the result. The great thing about it is that it gave me LOTS of ideas and inspiration to create other artworks. You see, the little cheeks of the lady are painted with watercolour, very slightly. It’s a first for me, so I was extra cautious as I did it at the end and didn’t want to risk spoiling the embroidery.
But next time, I will start with adding paint on the fabric, and create a colourful background. I am sure it can be lovely.

The Princess has been sewn with the free motion embroidery technique (darning foot, stitch length set to zero) and so is the appliqué. The crown is hand embroidered.

All made with love 🙂