Cottage in the snow : a winter scene

5 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art

Inspired by the cold which finally reached us today… Brrrrr..

My daughter can’t wait for snow but I am definitely not as enthusiastic.. 🙂

This is an original drawing, oil pastels on extra this cardboard. Can be frame or handed as such on the wall.  21x15cm or 5.9×8.2 inches big.

4 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art 3 cottage in the snow oil pastels cardboard original art


Meet Dorothea…

the last born of my primitive inspired dolls 🙂
Dorothea Dorothea2 Dorothea3

Framed embroidery

I have been looking at working on different framing for a while. Although I really like the round shape of the embroidery hoops, sometimes I can’t help feeling limited by it.  Some ideas work really better in a square or a rectangle shaped frame…

So I have already shared with you my first creation (the little house in the fields, see previous post) and here is my second one : “A windy day” and it is a diptych.  My first artistic love is definitely photography and I really enjoy the possibility to integrate a few ideas I love to work with as a photographer in my embroideries.

The girl has been machine embroidered (free motion drawing) and the piece of fabric is a dark blue Fairford Liberty fabric.

framed embroidery girl and liberty3And a close up

framed embroidery girl and liberty

Hope you like it 🙂

House, colours and frame

Hi there 🙂

I have been busy this last week working on my first custom order! I am really happy to have been picked up to create something special but I must admit it is also quite stressful lol 🙂 The pressure of making something really perfect is big  and I have been making, unmaking and remaking a lot!!! But still, it is a very great experience and I can’t wait to have a feedback from my customer!

In between two creations for my customer, I couldn’t help make something else, to relax a bit from the stress previously mentioned 🙂  I have focused on adding lots of colours and patterns and for the first time, I have framed my creation!
I really like how happy and colourful the artwork is (especially with the bad weather we are having in here at the moment..) and it looks really gorgeous in its white frame.

So here it is – and yes, it is another house! ,)

0 framed house embroidery Liberty tana

Happy week end every one 🙂

Happy House

Happy House

I had bought this fat quarter of nice fabric sometimes ago.
Being on an extra tight budget, I had really indulged myself on that day 🙂
It has been there for months, I was really started to regret having bought it. I never really dared cutting it for fear of making some ” mess” and spoil it!
But today, I got courageous, grabbed my scissors and Snip Snip, I cut it!
Yay, to me!!!
And I am very happy I did because I managed to make a lovely and colourful embroidery artwork!
I did my house appliqué with my sewing machine set to the free motion settings and added some hand embroidered details. Clouds are made of felt and slightly raised/stuffed with fibres.
It is now in my Etsy store, ready to travel to his new family 🙂

So glad I tried 🙂

My new Princess

My new Princess

I finished it today.
Quite happy with the result. The great thing about it is that it gave me LOTS of ideas and inspiration to create other artworks. You see, the little cheeks of the lady are painted with watercolour, very slightly. It’s a first for me, so I was extra cautious as I did it at the end and didn’t want to risk spoiling the embroidery.
But next time, I will start with adding paint on the fabric, and create a colourful background. I am sure it can be lovely.

The Princess has been sewn with the free motion embroidery technique (darning foot, stitch length set to zero) and so is the appliqué. The crown is hand embroidered.

All made with love 🙂

Creativity …

It’s really funny how creativity is somehow “calling” for more creativity. 

These past 3/4 years, I completely stopped listening to any music. Not a deliberate choice but just a fact.  I never felt like turning the music on. Didn’t miss it for even a second. 

And these last months, I have started creating `again. It started slowly, a few drawings here and there, trying new creative media ( paint, watercolours, lino, embroidery…). Just like a rusty old  wheel, the creative part in me was slowly getting on again. The wheel turned quickly into an ogre I must say. After years of drought and silence, my creative mind was growing bigger and bigger everyday. I started to feel physically the pain, I needed to create! A little bit like an alien (yes, yes, the Ridley Scott’s alien type!) in my chest and belly screaming and pushing for more room.  Every minute spent doing something not implying creation was a minute lost. It was crazy but good too, because this little light inside me had just waited patiently to be born again. 

Today, I have found some kind of equilibrium and managed to find times in the day dedicated to creating only. The creative wheel is now turning on nicely. Every idea is generating another one, gently in a very relaxing way in fact. All good 🙂

And the music in all that ? (Yes, I got a bit lost and wrote a bit more than I thought I would…) Well, as for the music, I am happy to report I have been listening to LOTS of it these last weeks while doing my last artworks. In fact, I can’t even imagine starting to work on a new piece without some music playing. Funny, how everything is related, hein? 

And you, do you need music while you create ? Or is complete silence a must ? 



Picture : Marie Charrois, 2009, all rights reserved