A windmill

Free motion embroidery and quilted effect.

Framed in a 10 inches wooden hoop.

Windmill embroidery hoop art textile art handmade 2


Made with love…

For my beautiful little girl 🙂 



agathe hoop



Little village for nursery art

Village embroidery hoop art Etsy 3



For my last piece, I worked with felt on a little village scene.  Ok, the truth is, I wanted to make a teepee artwork but while working on its design, I ended up finding it pretty cute for some bunting and …. bye bye teepee….  🙂 I will try again another time 🙂

So, here it is, my little village with bunting, trees and colourful houses 🙂
Village embroidery hoop art Etsy 1

It is a bit different from what I am usually doing, but I always like to work with felt from time to time. The stitching is even more peaceful and I find it lovely for little nursery artworks. Village embroidery hoop art Etsy

Free motion embroidery


Just wanted to make a quick post to show you what I have been working on today!!!

It has been a long time I had wanted to try to make a little brooch using the free embroidery technique. Every time I see a picture of one, I try to guess how it has been made, what type of support one is supposed to use etc.
Needless to say, the fabrication secrets stay, well, secret this way! 

Anyway, today I thought I would try to create one even though I had no idea really of how to make it! I threaded my sewing machine, got my darning foot on and whoosh! I started to sew 🙂

 And here is the result, it is a bit wonky and full of imperfections, but still extra small and cute 🙂 



The real difficult part for me is to get a nice back when I addd the tiny brooch bit. 


Then, I tried to make another one, a pliable portrait. It ended up being too big for a brooch, so I turned into a framed artwork instead. 


Framed free embroidery portrait And a close up : 


Framed free embroidery portrait 2


It might not stay in this frame as I really like when I can see more of the orange fabric. Maybe mounted on a square canvas might really be cute. 


Wishing you all a good night (or day)




Long time no see :)


It’s been quite a while since my last post on WordPress! I really need to try to be a more regular poster!

I have been busy with life, my 3 year old (oh the work!! lol) … but still, I found some time to create new hoop artworks to list in my Etsy shop 🙂

I have also been thinking a lot lately of a way to expand the range of the things I can make (and possibly sell!) which would still allow me to keep creative, play with patterns and colours and use some hand embroidery or free motion embroidery to create the appliqués.

So I tried myself on making some mini tote bags! And I really liked it!






This could really work as little Christmas stocking fillers bags 🙂 They are fully lined and lovely all over!

Second project was for new baby gift bags :

Caleb2 BlueB4 BlueB3 pinkB3 pinkB2 pinkB

I worked on two different versions to attach the string and I really like both ways. The pink one is fully lined and I prefer it this way, it gives the bag more structure and an overall better look!

With the idea of making tablets or phones covers, I have sewn this one too.


Although I really like the idea, I still need to work on finding a nice way to close it. And add some batting for better protection of course.

Et voilà!  I can also add that I am very proud of what I have made! I know that for many of you these projects are easy and beginners ones but for me, it is a big achievement!!  A few months back, each of them would have been all wonky and generally stamped as “disasters”.  This time, I managed to make everything right from the start and they honestly are looking great!  And they are the results of all these unsuccessful attempts and perseverance 🙂

That’s it for today 🙂 I will try to post soon and my next post should be talking about….Dragons! Yay!!

Take care!

Yellow Submarine

submarine embroidery art nursery boy hoop wall art 5

Of course, it couldn’t have been another colour ,)

And I guess everyone who read this title is now humming the famous song… Sorry ,) (but hey!, it is a great and lovely song!)

So anyway, I just finished this little hoop art. Hand embroidered felt on two layers of fabric. I like that it is so colourful and a happy artwork and also, for once, a bit more designed to decorate little boys bedroom 🙂

This hoop art is available on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleBirdOfParadise

Last creation

My last nursery wall art.

A little sheep, dreaming from the top of the hill 🙂
Hand embroidered but also some free hand embroidery and basic stitches.
On a home dyed cotton with light blue watercolour.

Hope you like it!


It’s crazy the way it works.

I can’t keep feeling amazed when I try to understand how it is working and well… I have no idea!!!
Sometimes, while in the middle of working on a project, my “self conscience” suddenly wakes up and I start to look at myself creating. Ideas come and go. Just like they appeared by magic in my mind. A touch of blue here.  This fabric, I need to look for this fabric.  Yellow, I want yellow.  And my body, my hands just silently and happily submit to these flashes/needs.

While I know I am the one instigating this whole web of thoughts and process, it is still weird to understand and realise I have no real impact on the way it works. Every time I have tried to plan on something, it ended up a disaster. Maybe it is something I should learn because I am sure I would gain a lot learning how to organise thoughts and ideas. But for now, this zombie-like state is what I love 🙂


The picture : “By the seaside” Imagey