Long time no see :)


It’s been quite a while since my last post on WordPress! I really need to try to be a more regular poster!

I have been busy with life, my 3 year old (oh the work!! lol) … but still, I found some time to create new hoop artworks to list in my Etsy shop 🙂

I have also been thinking a lot lately of a way to expand the range of the things I can make (and possibly sell!) which would still allow me to keep creative, play with patterns and colours and use some hand embroidery or free motion embroidery to create the appliqués.

So I tried myself on making some mini tote bags! And I really liked it!






This could really work as little Christmas stocking fillers bags 🙂 They are fully lined and lovely all over!

Second project was for new baby gift bags :

Caleb2 BlueB4 BlueB3 pinkB3 pinkB2 pinkB

I worked on two different versions to attach the string and I really like both ways. The pink one is fully lined and I prefer it this way, it gives the bag more structure and an overall better look!

With the idea of making tablets or phones covers, I have sewn this one too.


Although I really like the idea, I still need to work on finding a nice way to close it. And add some batting for better protection of course.

Et voilà!  I can also add that I am very proud of what I have made! I know that for many of you these projects are easy and beginners ones but for me, it is a big achievement!!  A few months back, each of them would have been all wonky and generally stamped as “disasters”.  This time, I managed to make everything right from the start and they honestly are looking great!  And they are the results of all these unsuccessful attempts and perseverance 🙂

That’s it for today 🙂 I will try to post soon and my next post should be talking about….Dragons! Yay!!

Take care!


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