It’s crazy the way it works.

I can’t keep feeling amazed when I try to understand how it is working and well… I have no idea!!!
Sometimes, while in the middle of working on a project, my “self conscience” suddenly wakes up and I start to look at myself creating. Ideas come and go. Just like they appeared by magic in my mind. A touch of blue here.  This fabric, I need to look for this fabric.  Yellow, I want yellow.  And my body, my hands just silently and happily submit to these flashes/needs.

While I know I am the one instigating this whole web of thoughts and process, it is still weird to understand and realise I have no real impact on the way it works. Every time I have tried to plan on something, it ended up a disaster. Maybe it is something I should learn because I am sure I would gain a lot learning how to organise thoughts and ideas. But for now, this zombie-like state is what I love 🙂


The picture : “By the seaside” Imagey


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