“The sea” an embroidery scenery

I worked on this last project. It was the first time I was trying to do something a bit different from what I got used too.
I am very happy with what I learned up to now. I like to be able to do each stitch the proper way, just like they teach in the books. But what I really would want is to get to that point when I can forget about the “good way to do it” ( or use it differently? ) and do what I want, what I feel should be done. Basically, I want freedom 🙂

Because just like in photography, I feel/see more beauty in pictures that don’t respect the rules. They touch more my senses, I feel more connected to what I see, to the photographer’ emotions maybe. I just very often find them stronger and more moving.
I believe in every art you can feel the same way. And I love to feel the freedom and strength of these artworks made from free spirits.
Freehand embroidery is giving me this freedom. and bit by bit, I will learn to create my universe just the way I imagine it. I am on my way, slowly but surely 🙂

Anyway, I am very happy and proud with this little scenery and just wanted to share 🙂

Happy Monday everybody!!!


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