Creativity …

It’s really funny how creativity is somehow “calling” for more creativity. 

These past 3/4 years, I completely stopped listening to any music. Not a deliberate choice but just a fact.  I never felt like turning the music on. Didn’t miss it for even a second. 

And these last months, I have started creating `again. It started slowly, a few drawings here and there, trying new creative media ( paint, watercolours, lino, embroidery…). Just like a rusty old  wheel, the creative part in me was slowly getting on again. The wheel turned quickly into an ogre I must say. After years of drought and silence, my creative mind was growing bigger and bigger everyday. I started to feel physically the pain, I needed to create! A little bit like an alien (yes, yes, the Ridley Scott’s alien type!) in my chest and belly screaming and pushing for more room.  Every minute spent doing something not implying creation was a minute lost. It was crazy but good too, because this little light inside me had just waited patiently to be born again. 

Today, I have found some kind of equilibrium and managed to find times in the day dedicated to creating only. The creative wheel is now turning on nicely. Every idea is generating another one, gently in a very relaxing way in fact. All good 🙂

And the music in all that ? (Yes, I got a bit lost and wrote a bit more than I thought I would…) Well, as for the music, I am happy to report I have been listening to LOTS of it these last weeks while doing my last artworks. In fact, I can’t even imagine starting to work on a new piece without some music playing. Funny, how everything is related, hein? 

And you, do you need music while you create ? Or is complete silence a must ? 



Picture : Marie Charrois, 2009, all rights reserved 


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